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Here at Kinder House Learning Center strongly believe that parents are the key element to a healthy and nurturing education. Parents are the most important influence on a child’s development. At Kinder House L.C. sound relationships are forged with parents through family partnership and volunteer work. We believe our parents are the backbone of our school’s work and direction.


We believe that learning occurs through exploratory play activities that reflect children’s growth and progress during the first years of life. The teaching staff will implement developmentally appropriate practices, as we recognize and respect the social and cultural context in which a child develops.


Kinder House L.C. provides a safe, nurturing, comfortable, and stimulating environment that addresses each child’s developmental needs, so as to allow every child to achieve their greatest potential. Our aim is to teach by helping the children, at their own level, to: acquire greater initiative, cooperate with peers and teachers, meet new challenges, make new friends, experiment with the environment, gain knowledge of the community and the world around them, to express themselves more freely and fluently, and to enhance their self-esteem.  The curriculum and adult interactions shall reflect and be responsive to their individual differences, as each child has a unique pattern of growth, strengths, experiences and background.


My child has never been happier in school! He says," It is awesome and I love learning a whole grade ahead." He is being academically challenged while doing creative hands on activities. 

Boby S


Kinder House is an amazing learning center. My son started at Kinder House when he was 3 months old. I would drop him off and I never worried about his safety or well being. My son is learning a whole year ahead. he always asks to stay longer.

Kns Boys


I love this school.. the Reggio Emilio Philosophy is amazing, the teachers are kind and loving, my daughter is happy and exited about going to school. Learning is fun and exiting. I highly recommend this school, the staff cares about the kids and about the way they teach them individually.

Diana C


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