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Program Design

Baby Nido

3 Month baby - 1 Year Old 


In Italain "nido" means nest and just like baby birds need their nest in order to feel secure and learn the basic skills for survival, our infants use our "nido" as a place where they form a secure bond with their teachers while they are nurtured and motivated to explore their surroundings.


Our Baby Nido offers all infants the opportunity to explore their environment through all their senses.  Babies as young as 3 months old are offered experiences with paint, clay, natural objects, light and shadows, and music.

Nido 1

1 Year old 


Babies join our Nido 1 classroom as they become walkers.  They are able to fully explore their environments as they continue developing their language and autonomy. 


 As infants become toddlers they continue to explore through paint, clay, natural objects, sand and water, dance and music, and lights and shadows.  Children begin to master language as well as math concepts.  

Nido 2

2 years old


Our oldder nido classroom offers toddlers an opportunity to become more independent in the classroom.  Children in this classroom begin playing cooperatively as they learn through their daily explorations.  


As the children become ready to move on to the pre-k program, they become fully independent while exploring in the classroom and the backyard.


3 Years old  


This exciting program integrates math, science, health, creative arts, social studies, physical movement, early literacy, and social-emotional development, all under a framework of guided instruction and imaginative play


4 Years old  


Our Pre-K program offers its students the opportunity to reaserch in teams.  Children choose topics of study and reaserch together so they can share the gathered information with their peers and teachers. As they research and explore, children learn to recognize numbers and letters as well as math, science and geography concepts.  At the end of the program children are ready to enter our VPK program which functions at a kindergarten level.

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